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    Would anyone be up for machining this part from white Nylon 6? (40mm stock available here http://www.directplasticsonline.co.u.../Natural/40mm/)

    IGS File (right click save target as)

    IPT File (right click save target as)

    Overall dimensions are 50mm x 40mm (base with three holes) x 51mm (height)

    Looking for 50pcs, depending on cost

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    I'll be happy to quote you, I'll work something out and get back to you

    Cheers Darren

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    Hi, I have some cost worked out on the labour side of things - I'm still waiting on the material prices from my supplier - if you let me know you e-mail I drop the labour costs across which will give you a good indication if they are any good or not!

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    we are the precision machining company,i can quote for you,but in this forum, I cannot send PM.Can you please send your drawing to jaja@runsom.com ?when we received your drawing,we can quote it ASAP.thanks

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    Hi, job's gone now I'm afraid, but thank you everyone for your replies.

    Regards, Ewan

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