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    With a nick name like yours it don't install confidence and if you was to take a chill pill you'd see that we dip shits where just having a laugh knob head.!!

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    Went to Mach 2012 today, Didn't see any antique 25 year old machines with out dated software, did I miss something ?
    John S -

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    does make you sick when you see all this school stuff being sold on by dealers a lot of them havnt a clue about what they are selling was on phone about a lathe school was selling they wanted £300 or offers the lathe obviously had no industrail use a respray and it would have been a beauty wouldnt fit in my space foot too long told them the lathe should be sold for £1000 yes l had done my research said dont sell to a dealer let some one have it at affordable price that will appreciate it not sell it next wk for300%+ profit l asked one guy who had an ex school lathe basic questions about toolpost, headstock said he had only seen lathe twice on his advert said he had owned for 10yrs hardly used selling due to move
    Last edited by onecut; 29-06-2012 at 08:58 PM. Reason: TITLE SHOULD BE £50 LATHE FOR£2100 NOTHING TO DO WITH CNC BOXFORD

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