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    I'm not usually this stupid so please be gentle. My ballscrews and rails arrives today. I unpacked them, checked the measurements and then thought, hey...I wonder how the bearings are able to re-circulate in the nut. I figured they would be retained somehow...long story short, I have in front of me a ballscrew, a loose nut and a pile of bearings. Can this be saved? Good thing is, my curiosity has now been satisfied!

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    Ok I've sorted it. Just incase anyone else decides to be as stupid as me. I lathered it in grease, stuck the balls in place and slowly screwed it back on. Phew!!

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    Yes I've had me balls out before as well! Application of some lubricant and some care normally gets them back in. Did you count them to make sure you had equal amounts in each run?


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    Clumsy Bastard..............................
    John S -

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    Now how could you be so stupidd???? Fun wasn't it. I think most of us have been caught out.

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    Last time I was in Sheffield with mi balls out it cost a night in nick. .

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    Makes me feel better knowing I'm not the first.. yes I've got equal amounts in each run. Jazz, it's never a good idea getting your balls out in Sheffield mate ;)

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    Jazz are they still attached or in a jar now?

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    I found that if you stick a large magnet on the ballnut then the balls stick to it inside... less messy than using grease/oil. Then put a bar/tube that's no greater than the pitch diameter minus diameter of ball inside the nut and screw it on as normal. Might be a good idea to demagnetise it afterwards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post

    It's the RM1204's that are tricky
    John S -

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