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    I've been trying to get my head around this tab/skin business.

    Are you saying that after cutting out I would use something like an orbital sander to remove the skin ad drop each piece out of the sheet.

    Would a deburring tool go through a tab of say 0.2mm skin or tab?

    Yes you can usually press them out by hand or whip round with sharp stanley blade.
    Usually quick blast across sander, I have a flat bed sander but orbital would work just as good, and then deburr edges followed by a thrash across buffing wheel.

    This pic should give an idea, unfortunatly I'd snapped them out but you can just see the thin skin which just peels away with a quick bend and when first buckle is removed others just snap off easily with a slight burr left on the edge which you can just see if you look close. These are so tiny the deburr tool won't work but with a quick rub across sander these are gone in seconds and after quick buff on polisher they are silky smooth, all in all these take me 10mins each to deburr and polish and 30mins per 4 to machine.
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    Perfect, thanks.

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