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    I'll probably try various stepovers and see what it looks like. I'm not too bothered about the cutting time as it's not like I have to stand and watch it, but if it fits in a day that would be nice.
    It's the thought of tool breakage and starting over again that curdles my noodle so caution is the only way and this add's time.??
    Think You'll be lucky to do even the small ones under 12hrs and do them enough justice to be worth while.!

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    Congratulations Jonathan!

    I've had a fresh look at DMLS since a couple of people suggested it. Unfortunately a big drawback is the surface finish, which appears to be similar to 240 grit. That's fine for larger items where polishing is an option, but not so for detailed work.
    Prices are still very high... an eye watering quote to do a 1inch sample has just confirmed that!

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    I love a challenge and machine time is not a concern - water cooled spindle has run for 4 days constant in the past. Send me a sample file and i'll get back to you asap. will pm my email address

  4. Was the OP ever able to get the models cut? As I have been working with some cutting protocols that might take the time down and then there is also FormLabs who are bringing out a true 3D printer (stereolithography proper). It is in plastic, but the resolution is fine enough for what you are wanting to do.


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    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for asking. Jonathan and I are making good progress with the machining. We've done some R and D tests cuts which have been very successful and are close to machining the moulds. Jonathan couldn't have been more helpful with his positive "let's give this a try" approach.
    I'm waiting on some new cutters to arrive at the moment, but when we have some news I'll let you know how we get on.

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    Also, thanks for the printer info, I'll have a look at it.

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