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    some good advice from Robin for you.
    I had been looking for an old BOC Falcon manual that I used to have but cant find it anymore, must have been recycled. This might have given me the original gearbox specs. Removing the CMC 2.5 and the HL90 might be your best option in the long run. The Burny is a good little controller for a low cost machine, pity about the lack of graphics though. You needed a Burny V or 10 for graphics. It understands G code, Word address and ESSI files. Nice package in a small box.
    If you down the PC route as you say once you have drawn up your parts they are easier to store for future use. One benefit you will have is if your customers can supply you with a ready made cad file, this would just need checking then off through the post processor and your ready to cut.


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    AH crap! I wrote a reply on Friday, never posted it.

    Robin, thank you very much for taking the time to explain the calcs involved. It is very handy to know.

    Ok, so I can calculate what minimum size motor I need, but is there really a problem with going to BEEEG (12Nm) motors? I am just sold on the idea of doing a conversion on this machine, but migrating everything over to a new table at a later stage. If I get them boys big enough, I can do what I want at a later stage. Ofc I will be matching them with the right drive and power. I am sure Gary will help me with that ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CNCBlug View Post
    is there really a problem with going to BEEEG (12Nm) motors?
    Just looked at one... Holding torque 12Nm, working torque about 8Nm which it can hold up to about 5 revs/sec before starting to fade.

    That power was obtained with 6.2A of pure 110VAC which could be tricky to replicate.

    Your real problem is that the hobby market has standardised on 2 phase 200 step/rev motors and now you can't buy anything else. It's good for a NEMA17 but not for a NEMA34, the inverse square law is against you.

    Thinking that a monster motor will solve all your problems is a mistake, been there, done that. Fitting a smaller motor seems so counter intuitive nobody will believe it could possibly work.

    If you want power maybe servo motors are the way to go, but I have no experience of them.

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