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    Hiya, Could anyone recommend suppliers of LONG cutters for 3D work... That is to say cutters in excess of 76mm total length..

    In a perfect world, a long hogging cutter and long 8mm twin flute ball nose (possibly a 6mm too)

    I have some Titman 76mm length ones at the moment which can deal with 50mm material/depth easily..... (12mm Hogging and 8mm ball nose)
    Anybody else used the hogging cutters? they are awesome! like a hot knife through butter!)

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.


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    What material are you cutting?
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    Hiya Jonathan, MDF currently (although it would have to be bonded over 50mm). I want to try some proper modelling material!? something I have not bought/dealt with yet..

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    Thanks, they look good and are much cheaper than the Titman ones.

    I will try some asap!

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    Cutwel tools at dewbury. 01924 869610 cutweltools.co.uk

    They do 2 & 4 flute Carbide 6 -12mm @150mm total length.
    Ballnose 2 & 4 flute 6 & 8mm @75mm 10-12mm @100mm

    Ask for the new catalogue it's just out this week.

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    Cheers, I have requested their catalogue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GMCNC View Post
    Cheers, I have requested their catalogue.
    If it's mainly wood use then I use Weldon tools as well they have long ballnose and striaght. .

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