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  1. Hi just curious as to what some of the experienced and also newbees like myself are looking into making with our CNC machines. I would like to make decorative plaques,dinosaur skeletons and animals, guitar stuff and engraved pics. I am hoping that the machine I will build will be up to the task and produce some excellent results, so fire away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i'm going to use my machine to make door plaques, picture frames, clocks and so much more. I currently make everything by hand and cant fill orders quick enuff right now, so its some what of an importance for me to get this machine built.

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    Anything I can cut...

    see examples below

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    Is there anyone else actually using CNC here.... ??

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    I'm still building mine, i think ill send out a little newletter email to all the mebers see if we can get some more posts going. Yohudi feel free to post some suggestions in the right forums for the site, would you be intrested in a staff postion ?

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    Hi I know you have a build active.. was just wondering if there's anyone else on the forum making anything...

    re staff position... not sure really.. depends what you were thinking of and the kind of demands on time more than anything... wouldn't like to take something on and then not be able to keep to it..

  7. Hi,
    Take a look at these to websites" target="_blank and" target="_blank
    All the engraved plaques and routed acrylic letters are made on our own machines.
    Will try and dig out some pics of more interesting stuff this week...if I can remmeber where i saved it :roll:

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    Some more examples of modelling.. can go straight from bitmap to model now... with all detail kept etc.. thinking of releasing an ebook describing the method in detail.

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    Latest job..

    Testcut of a model made using my bitmap to model conversion method.... took 10 mins to generate this from the bitmap... with NOOOOO modeling... the software I used is FREE... the method will be the subject of a NEW tutorial I'm writing...

    check out the pics....

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    Just finished doing this wheel as a test exercise on a CNC converted X3 mill.

    Cut in steel with 6mm and 3mm cutters, total time was 35 minutes. It's about 3" diameter.

    John S.
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    John S -

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