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    So yesterday our Indesit of 8 years decided to fracture on two of the drum spider legs...new spider best part of £40 notes, new machine £2-300.....we went for a new machine...

    Before I weigh it in for scrap I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on using the pump as the heart of a coolant system?, itís got twin inlets and one out, a nice little access port for cleaning and wasnít that noisy from what I remember. Just wondered if it would be as good a candidate as any of the other pumps people are/have used for a coolant system and worth a try?

    Iíve pulled the motor from the machine as well, not sure what for yet but you never know?


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    No reason why you couldn't use it for a coolant system. They're normally just a centrifugal type pump, however the only issue might be the duty rating, as they don't need to run for that long in a washing machine...

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    I would not worry so much about the "duty" rating as I would the "head" rating!
    A centrifugal pump can run for a long time with no problems. At the heads and flows we are concerned about, there is little problem of overheating from a dead head flow!
    The best thing to do is hook it up and then with a hosepipe on the outlet see how high you can raise it and still get a meaningful flow. At some point of height of the outlet, the flow will stop even though the motor is still running. That is called the churn or zero flow pressure. You want to have sufficient flow and pressure to wash the chips away from the tool. I have a couple of homemade centrifugal pumps that I have made that flow on the order of 5-10 gpm (~19 - 38 lpm) and do a great job. The max head of the pump is ~5 ft (1.5 m).

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  4. Hi Lee
    I use washing machine pump as an auxiliary pump in my fish tank external filter - very high flow, and can push dirty water through few thick layers of sponge but it can't run for too long - it gets really smelly hot. I don't remember pushing it more than for hour- then you can smell it in a whole room.
    Edit: I use CH pump to pump coolant in my milling machine- works excellent, high flow, good preassure to flush chips away- those pumps are reasonably priced eg. at toolstation or scewfix

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    Hi guys,

    thanks for the feedback i new there would be more to it, will do a test and see what happens. Will look up the CH pumps now as dont know what they are. New washer come today and is on its 3rd wash, dont know if i was surprised or not looking under the bonet to find most of the components are the same as what was in the old unit.

    Only thing different looks to be the drum design and the bearing system, the fly wheel? is plastic vs the old one being metal, looks like if this bearing ever gives up i wont be able to fix it, not sure untill i take it apart :-/.

    As i said though its on wash number 3 as i type and the nagging has stopped now, so its all good !


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    Quote Originally Posted by wiatroda View Post
    I use CH pump to pump coolant in my milling machine- works excellent, high flow, good preassure to flush chips away- those pumps are reasonably priced eg. at toolstation or scewfix
    CH Pump = Central Heating Pump ?

    Nice choice didn't think of using one of those, should last well thinking about.


  7. Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    CH Pump = Central Heating Pump ?

    Yes, I meant central heating pump
    Something this type http://www.screwfix.com/p/flomasta-7...ump-230v/87773 , but it seems to me they cost less two years ago.

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    great idea! I've just emailed a plumber mate of mine to divert any spare CH pumps my way! :-)

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