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    [INDENT]​DIY arduino CNC 2 axis table:


    [edit by mocha]
    In view of Waitroda's experience, the above link now points to Youtube version of video.
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  2. Just wanted you to know
    After I clicked play now on linked video my Norton blocked it saying:
    Fake App Attack: Adware Installer download, Severity: High : An intrusion attempt by s.thetvpool.com

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    Video viewed just fine for me..
    Old router build log here. New router build log here. Lathe build log here.
    Electric motorbike project here.

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    Thanks for the info Waitroda,

    I've modified the link to point to a Youtube version of the video for the moment. If anyone else finds a problem after having viewed the original link, please PM me and I'll amend the users account.

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    I viewed it ok, may have been a false positive...i've never liked Norton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    I viewed it ok, may have been a false positive...i've never liked Norton.
    Velocette's were a lot better.
    John S -

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