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  1. don't worry John :) you did well pointing out what you think, I hope that if someone is interested in the project WILL bother to read all and find out. The reason i posted that link here is just to humbly ask to "like" that link on facebook or whatever to help me spread the voice... actually I don't think that people that have or use a CNC machine needs ME to do those pictures or clocks... they can easily do them by themselves :)

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    Gianluca Johns points are valid I lasted approx 2.2 seconds before thinking this is a scam.!!

    I would love a ferrari and I promise that if you give me the money to buy, insure and run the machine I will take for a spin in it.!! Giving you a memory you will never forget.??

    Nobody in there right mind is going to give money to buy you a CNC machine just on the pormise you will make them a picture or clock.!! Especially given the amounts your asking.? $10 for a post card.!! . . . $20 for a 20% discount on a $100 frame so that will 0% discount on an already stupidly expensive picture.!! . . . COME ON man get REAL!!
    Yes while your not exactly Scamming people you are trying to take advantage of peoples kind nature giving very little back in return and I for one wont be passing on or helping your Campaign or wishig you any success. . . . GET off your arse and earn the money with dignity like the rest of us have to do and stop begging and sponging off others.!!!

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    If you want a Ferrari have mine, dunno why I bought it, last time I listen to that idiot Clarkson. Can't even get a pair of gas bottles in it, I mean what fooking use is that ?
    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    If you want a Ferrari have mine, dunno why I bought it, last time I listen to that idiot Clarkson. Can't even get a pair of gas bottles in it, I mean what fooking use is that ?
    Tut ye the tosser thought he'd mentioned that wunt ya.!! Throw bar on it and I'll knock ya a rack up for bottles. .

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    I'll knock ya a rack up for bottles. .
    True story,

    used to work for a haulage company years ago run by small family concern, father and son, mother in office. Father, Frank was real old school, hard nosed, knew all the tricks. Son, Dennis was the nearest thing I have ever come across as a playboy in real life.
    Did stock car racing, no expense spared but in all fairness he was good, red top, and you can't get that on money alone.

    Anyway Dennis buys a Aston DB6, brand new , then decides that for local events he can take the stock car on a trailer instead of running the converted fire engine we had as a transporter.

    Goes shopping and comes back all dejected because no one makes towing bracket for a DB6. Can't understand why no one doesn't want to tow with a DB6 ?
    So we had to make one for him in the workshop !!
    John S -

  6. John that is about as funny as the time I saw, physically saw a 1.5 Liter engine Goldwing towing a A Harley down the highway headed for Sturgis. We caught up to the rider and passenger at a fuel station a ways down the road and asked. Seems that the HD according to this couple is great for cruising short distances but not for going from Southern Texas to Sturgis. The HD was a Roadking fully tricked out. Go figure.


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    Apparently 95% of all Harley's ever made are still on the road.

    The other 5% made it home........................
    John S -

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