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    Many Thanks for this Russell; I have one of these as a gift - long story. This is exactly what I need, but two questions: Roughly, what isthe Max height dimensions with the Z conversion fitted; and what stepper are you using to drive it.

    Rob C

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    Total height with head in highest position is 1.07 m. I can't remember the model number of the stepper motors but they are NMEA23 size and about 80 mm long.


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    I have enough headroom and I have Nema 24 motors 425 oz-in; I have done the screws and fitted the thrust bearings. Also have the acetal and the the Acme tap is on it way from china (20 quid). Will post when I have completed the nuts and mounted the X/Y motors and tested.


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    Hi Russel,
    I am getting ready to convert my Z and really like your design. I would like to make mine the same way.

    Is there any chance that you can email me or upload the ball nut assembly dxf again? I clicked the link but it appears it is no longer valid.

    Thank you, and again nice work setuo!

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    Hi Dave,
    New link for ball nut assembly drawing:
    Not sure what happened with the old one.

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