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  1. Here are the prices from

    USB SmoothStepper: 199.00 + postage.
    Ethernet SmoothStepper: 220.00 + postage.
    "If first you don't succeed, redefine success"

  2. Looks like a good reason to buy the Russian motion control board as that is more expensive then the retail price from US converted on a 1:1 with the pound plus VAT plus postage. No way I am going to be buying from them, no way at all. Thank goodness I got family in the states, that or the Russian board is looking as a much better option cost wise.

    The Standard smooth stepper is $167 retail plus postage ($187 total plus VAT, IF any VAT charged). that equals 103.47 retail and 117.58 with postage plus VAT and the 10 handling charge of the post or courier. Just so folks don't say I am talking out my back side. These conversions where taken using at 1433 was the time.


  3. I will be ordering my Ethernet SmoothStepper direct from Warp9 Tech Design.
    "If first you don't succeed, redefine success"

  4. I have just had another e-mail from with revised prices.

    USB SmoothStepper: 158.
    Ethernet SmoothStepper: 175.
    LPH26pin to LPH26pin cable: 4.
    LPH26 pin to DB25 cable: 5.
    USB AtoB cable: 3.
    "If first you don't succeed, redefine success"

  5. Anyone notice this is a UK branch of a Chinese company? Also they don't have the information on Smoothstepper on their website nor in their price list that I downloaded. Interesting, I wonder if Warp 9 knows about this.


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    Hello All,

    I know the thread is ancient but I am in discussion with Warp9 on becoming a distributor for the smoothstepper. First shipment will reach me this week hopefully. There are 5 of the Ethernet types coming in.

    PM me if interested.



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