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    I'm gradually building up a collection of different sized routing/milling bits for my CNC3040, and want to store them in a big box with a drilled plate and labels, so I can quickly find the one I want for a particular job. To keep the descriptions short I'm wondering if there's a 'standard' shorthand nomenclature for the main dimensions of bits. (I'm a retired electronics engineer, with little experience in machining; i.e. ignorant!)

    Apart from a verbal description of the type ('end cutter', 'ball-end', 'half-flat', etc), is there a standard order for the numbers? - particularly: shank diameter, cutting diameter, cutting (flute) length, number of flutes.

    If there's a 'standard' order for listing these, I could just have something like '3.0/2.0/8.0/2' next to a bit, and know exactly what it means. Of course if there's no widely-recognised standard, I can just devise my own (like that example).

    Thanks in advance.

    Gerroa, Australia

  2. Daniel,

    I store my end mills by flue diameter, which can be interesting as some of them have a much larger shank then flue. All I know them by sight (I have over 20 different bits at present). Setting up a box is a good idea and you will be surprised how easy it is to remember them just by sight. The other much more important techincal information I store in the CAM systems I use (CamBam) which means I don't have to keep it in my head (though I do keep a good bit of the DOC available per type bit in my head).

    I hope this helps and it is a good idea you have there.


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    Yes I believe there is it goes like this.
    HSS/5x8x14x60/1F This would = high speed steel 5mm Dia, 8mm shank, 14mm flute, 60mm total length/single flute
    TC/6x10x20x70/R0.2/2F = Carbide 6mmDia, 10mm shank, 20mm flute, 70mm total length/0.2mm radius corner/twin flute

    Most quality cutters come in a plastic case with this full info on the side along with part num and then on the top which is usualy what you see when stored they shorten it to 1F6 = single flute 6mmDia or 1F6R0.2 if radiused corners.

    This shortened version is what I would use for quick selection then the rest you can see or read of the cutter shank it's self.

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