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    When you say check the disable relays do you mean put a tick in the box or check it's not ticked?

    The csmio manual suggested it should be unticked.

    However tried it both ways and it still doesn't work.

    I have 24v across DCM and For at the inverter. And 24v at pins 25/12

    Output 4 light comes on but no action. Have I missed something in the inverter settings :/

    Sorry bit lost now

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    Slight follow up, if I send a m3s2000 command then I put the multimeter across the 25/12 pins the spindle powers up so the analog is working but it appears neither of the relays in the csmio are switching even though the little leds light. I'm going to try a separate relay with and output from 1-3 ( I'll make sure I supply the 24v to the board for those outputs) and

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    Ye sorry my fault worded it wrong should have said make sure un-ticked.

    Sorry about this but I know what your problem is but must have had brain failure.!!! . . . . . . In ports n pins set the out put your using for spindle to Pin 4 not pin 12.!! . . . . It's a cock up in the manual and to make it worse I was the one who told CSlabs about it so should have known better.!!

    For instance if you set M3 in spindle control to output #1 then go into outputs and set output #1 to pin4.

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    Cheers again Dean however we figured the pin thing out from the estop settings as someone else online mentioned the pins related to the output number not the pin manual.

    So in doing all this the output 4 "Pin" has always read 4 and 5 has read 5 when testing this. The only mention of 12 was where I was wiring to.

    I don't know why but I've got a feeling these relays are not working :/

    I'm going to nip out and get a din relay and try the outputs 1-3 to try and get it to work for now

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    Try what I said set OUTPUT #1 pin 4 and then in spindle control set M3 #1 . . . And see if it works. That's how I set the spindles with IP-M.

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    Well I gave it a try and still nothing :/ pics below are the settings and you can see output 4 is coming on....

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    I'm presuming you have turned the Analog Spindle DAC on in Config Plug-in.?

    Output 4 is obviously working as it's LED is lighting so just put a continuity test across the pins and it should toggle ON/OFF.

    Aftet that then I'm at loss to help from a far.!! . . . . I'd be very surprised if the controller is faulty but suppose it's possible thou would be a first to me and I've fitted a fair few now.!

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    Right thanks for all the help Dean.

    In answer to the questions:

    Yes DAC turned on in plugin.

    Did continuity test, get nothing between pins when they are on or off.

    Have just wired up a din relay to output 1 from the csmio and got it working first time no problem. So who knows but I'm happy with that

    The only thing that's not working quite right is the rpm if i set it at 2000 or 1000 it spins the same speed. Analog signal is fluctuating as expected with the different s commands so I think I've probably not set something right on the inverter parameters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fvfdrums View Post
    Have just wired up a din relay to output 1 from the csmio and got it working first time no problem. So who knows but I'm happy with that
    Wants returning then has it should work.!

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    How many poles should this 3kw motor have? My inverter defaults to 4 but I I'm seeing 2 a lot on the 2.2kw versions?!?

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