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    Well the checklist is getting smaller..... For now anyway.

    X axis still needs wiring in and limits and home need wiring as well but it's all coming along.

    Thanks again for those who have been answering the multitude of questions over the last few weeks

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    Hi I just want to say this is one neat build!

    If you don't mind I'm in the process of designing my gantry and would like to borrow some ideas from your design, would you mind showing the gantry from the back and how you connect the ballscrew to the Z plate


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    Loving the build. Just a quick question though. Where did you get the grey conduit that the cables run in with the slots in it? I have no idea what its called.



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    @Noplace.... Thanks, the gantry was based off a design Jazz (dean) put up quite a while back so can't take all the credit for that. I'm not with the machine at the mo but I'll try and take some pics when I get back.

    Gotta.... I searched cable trunking. If you search chalon components on Google go to their website and then look under the cable management section its in there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fvfdrums View Post
    @Noplace.... Thanks, the gantry was based off a design Jazz (dean) put up quite a while back so can't take all the credit
    YES you can take Credit because you have done my design proud so take the Bow my friend you deserve it.. .

    Put an E-stop on the gantry or Machine thou because believe me when the Shit hits Fan you'll never reach that E-stop on cabinet before damage is done.!! . . Even when close to hand it's mostly done and dusted for work piece in blink of an eye but at least you have half chance of saving the tool but up there on wall you'll never get to it in time before tools is lost or work piece ripped off the Bed.!!

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    Your machine looks great. Well done. G.

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    Thanks Dean I appreciate that :D although without yours and others assistance along the way I probably wouldn't have had half the machine I have now. Must not get ahead of myself still a way to go!

    Yes agreed we both looked at the machine after wiring it and can see two potential spots for an additional e stop button - I used to have what I call e stop blindness when running the huge 3 axis lathe I used to have, when I got the odd decimal in the wrong place (all code was written in note pad none of this cam :/) and the machine would try and turn the chuck quite successfully I could never see the big red button for panic!!

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    Any suggestions on chip control? and how to catch the little buggers? I have been looking at venturi vacuum systems etc but was not sure how much they will effectively collect? as I am pretty sure an industrial style wet vac with a cyclone separater would be fine for wood but have very little effect with aluminium chips? I could be wrong?

    I was thinking of having a few air heads running off the compressor to a ring which can be mounted like a dust shoe near the spindle head with a couple of adjustable spouts to randomly blast short sharp bursts of air from different directions to try and clear the chips from the cut, might this work? combined with some sort of fogger system

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    Wood is easy just get a good vacuum on the job and it's sorted.! . . . BUT Aluminium is another story.!!!

    Air works good for clearing but it blasts those little buggers all over the place. Fogger or Mister will choke you to death unless machines enclosed so I'd forget typical fogger system. What You need is Odour-Less Fogger that spits little droplets at the work and doesn't create mist, this works good.

    BUT I'll warn you coolant (or indeed Air) don't mix well with wood. Coolant turns wood dust into very abrasive paste that is a twat to clean and wears machine like crazy.
    If your planning on cutting wood and Ali then I'd stick with air for cutting Ali and don't use coolant.
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    With the risk of sounding a bit biased, cause right now i am designing and testing my own Fogless Mister Cooling, see post 5 there, i would say that to have such a system is Godsend thing.

    Want only to blow away chips and cool by air? Then the perfect air stream will do the job, aluminum,brass,other metal or stone- let some liquid in the stream. Cheap to run, low on coolant per hour

    I mean is one thing to blow air over the bit its another thing to blow a precise air stream.

    PS. Dean, expect soon a free sample of the nozzle , cause i would not think that i have achieved it, without you saying that is ok and works under all possible scenarios.
    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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