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    Hey guys.

    I thought i would do you guys a reveiw and my findings of the SM-3040 CNC machine.

    This is going to be my first OWNED cnc (but not the first i have used).

    I will do this in several steps

    • Pre-reveiw
    • Machine out of the box reveiw
    • First Run Reveiw
    • How its been in the long run Reveiw

    Pre Reveiw:

    I have ordered my machine it is the SM variant of the CNC 3040, which has marginally better specs than most.

    It is running 20mm rails and 16mm ball screws, 2.5amp steppers and a 1.5KW spindle(watercooled)
    It has an offset gantry to make full use of the bed and extra supports, it also comes with a 4axis driver board.

    The machine comes powdercoated to stop oxidization from the factory.

    The machine cost was a total of 880 delivered, (plus import tax)

    So far customer service has been quite good via MSN & E-Mail and whats nice is the sales lady speaks very good english too! (which isn't very common for most cheap exporting chinese companies).

    I will leave it at this for now and update as i need required.

    Stock photo
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Machine out of the box reveiw

    Okay so i finally got this machine today (16/07/2012) its been a long struggle and got hit with 466 import duties, tax etc..

    Here is how she stands after i got her set u and just did one quick test cut.

    now i did have play in the X axis but it was nothing more than a spring loaded coupler being adjusted impropperly.

    Test cut was @2.5mm deep and a feed rate of 1500mm a min with a 6mm 2 flute cutter. It cut like butter.

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    First Run Review

    Alright, so as we know CNC's can have teething problems...Nothing major but i had some issues with repositioning,I got that sorted(seemed to be software related)

    Firstly just a test cut in some polystyrene just to test the repositionability and also its ability to cope with SUPER soft materials.

    <a href="" target="_blank">

    Secondly Aluminium, This is 6061-T6 cutting @ 1050mm/m (pretty quick for a Chinese CNC)
    Clean cuts and almost perfect reposition each time, I think this is by FAR the best CNC3040 Chinese machine!

    <a href=";" target="_blank">

    Pictures are at the end of each video.
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    Reserved for

    How its been in the long run Reveiw

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    Looking forward to this

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    Where did you buy it from? Have you got a link ?


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    I have added an update to this machine, please check the bottom of first post.

    The factory sent me 'build' pictures of my machine.

    You can already see how much better, sturdier and feature packed it is over the ebay models.

    @rnr107, I got it from stepmores Google stepmores cnc


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    Hi Craig any update on how the machine is?
    I`m looking at getting one if there aren`t any serious issues with the build.

    Also did you buy through Alibaba or some other avenue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ezekiel181 View Post
    Hi Craig any update on how the machine is?
    I`m looking at getting one if there aren`t any serious issues with the build.

    Also did you buy through Alibaba or some other avenue?
    Hello, Well my ships docks today (if its on sscheduel).

    Unfortunatly, there was a large import/duty/handeling fee of 466 so you will have to bear this price on top of the inital cost.

    It would bring the cost similar to eBay machines but still a better spec.

    I should have the machine in hand around mid next week provding everything goes smooth from here on and there is no hang up at customs.


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    Updateed, please see post #2

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