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    You can run your business however you like.

    But this is a discussion forum, and I may decide to discuss your prices with the people on here.

  2. hi guys. how much do you know 4axis machine ? do you know what kind of work will this kind of machine do ? sometime. we , as maker of machine, really dont know if our machine will do this or that . we are supprise when our customers did some work with our machine. so i always keep learning how to make design and work with our machine. recently. i make one sample. it is one piece of wooden propeller. it is really fansanating and exciting. 4axis machine is really amazing. i think i can make some toys to my son when i am free.

    there is the pictures , i use powermill to do it. it is much more easy. dont know if any other good software can do it in easy way ? it will be excellent if it is free. haha, and of course, this can be done by 3axis. one axis can be replaced by rotary. but it will loose time to make rough milling.

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  3. sometime, i dont want to sell my machine like doing bussiness. mostly i want to let customer do their work with our machine, and i will be very happy to see people can make good work with our machine. it make me very satisfied. (much more than money) . of course. i will earn money, but it is not mainly focus thing, i focus on machine, money is the benifit with my focus. its a different thinking way. hehe. it can help you to avoid money blind your eyes. and dirty your heart. you can talk about my price. but i dont like to write price on forum. as i alwasy want to make update. so if i write price here now, you can see what happen when my machine improvement is done. so you can talk. i dont care. ; )

  4. jim. do you know what other good cnc forum. i would like to see if i can learn more thing on forum

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    Eric, this is the forum I joined to find out about machines. The only other forum which I joined yesterday is Cambam to get advice on the software. I like your propeller, and a 4th axis gives me ideas too :) But I have lots of projects in 2.5D to occupy me for now.

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    Eric, How many days by sea from time of order? Also how much is air transport for a 3040? My 6040 might be going back to seller and I will need something fast to do my plastic cutting. A small 3040 that will also do aluminium might be perfect for me.

  7. hi jim. by sea , it will be 40 days. by air, it will be 10 days or so. whats the problem of your 6040 ? not good to use ? . or it is not good to do your plastic cutting ? for our 3040, it can do aluminum. like cutting 2-3mm thickness sheet. and some thin layer milling. ; )

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    My 6040 is a standard eBay example with unsupported rails on the cross axis. It's quite flexible. I haven't tried aluminium yet but I'm sure I will want to in future. It is now working OK and seller has just given me a refund to buy a new spindle, but I am keeping the machine so I don't need a 3040 now. In future I think I will want a 3040 for plastic and Al, and a larger wood router.

  9. hi guys. now we have some 3040 x3 sets , 6040 x 2 sets and 6090 x 3 sets in stock. and i would like to sell them at special price to change our workshop easily. but it is only for the friends from this forum. so once you send me email : and tell me you are from this forum. i would like to give you our cost price to deal with these stock model 6040 and 6090. they are in stock. delivery time is right now !!
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    Hi guys, bit of a newb here, but would this machine be good for me? I want to work in aluminium mainly, wood and plastics also but less, to make fairly 3-dimensional parts, that is - create underhangs, hollow/2 sided works. I will be using STL files, only have a WIN 7 machine with USB, and both my space and money budget is low!

    I'm pretty novice but im sure I'd be able to get along with cnc given some time and experimentation. Can I expect good quality results with this machine and am I going to need to spend more money on other hardware to bring it up to snuff or is it already good as it is?

    Thanks for your help! (in advance)


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