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    Hi there.
    Sorry for the late reply.

    Stepmores seem quite honest in their prices, Not sure why $115 in shipping though as I was only charged $15!
    Speak to a gentlman called Eric (tell him I put you onto him please)
    The Steel sink/Tub if you haggle you can get for free, I did.

    The Z axis I would leave be, More travel = more flex and only get the 75mm IF YOU NEED IT.

    I think the weakest point of the machine is the Y rails, If you can afford the extra, upgrade to supported rails (ignore anything he pawns onto you, just get them)

    As for electronics, i am not too clued up on this sorry, I have no idea if they are 23's But I do know the Y axis motor is twice the size of the other 2?


    Craig hi

    Eric said that now he puts SBR20 on Y axis in 3040m machines.
    Do you still think that the 75 mm axis will be flexible anyway after this change?

    I seriously want to buy one , I only need to decide about this option.
    The other option I am thinking of, is the 4th axis but if I leave the Z as it is, the 4th axis becomes useless. Thank you in advance.

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    I have decided to order a Stepmores SM-4040 as it looks like it will be better than the ones on eBay. The machine has a sturdy cast aluminium build and has a moving table and square rails However that seemed better for some soft aluminium work. I have asked for the 2.2kw spindle.

    All being well when it arrives I will post some pictures and a review.

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    Hey Darren, thanks for your earlier reply (which I didn't see at the time). I have only bought up to 20kg before, but I just looked at a 100kg shipment and it is indeed easy, eg you can just phone DHL and they'll pick it up at the factory and bring it to your door (via ship).

    Did you get your machine?

    I'm back in this thread because I'm thinking of getting a 6090.

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