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    I will be back, just like terminator...

    Lee,how are you? I have a lot of work and a litle time for my hoby,CNC.

    This is link with pictures of my machine, it is test version and finaly, aluminium will be construction material. Mdf is just for geting finaly dimension becouse i haven got any dimension when i start to bild machine.

    You can download pictures and post it on your forum for discusing with
    other guys.
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    So now we know :)

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    Mr Becka,

    do yourself a favour and ditch the unsupported rail, I speak from experience.
    I made the same mistake, My frame is built from melted down IRN BRU cans (and we know how strong they are) and so very rigid but I had the X rail supported only on the ends just like you. Under load the router did a sort of mechanical Mambo and the cuts looked like Lee's machine had done them (not good). Switched to profiled rail and all is mellow.

    Nothing is a sufficiently talented fool!

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    You are wright,yesterday i bought suported rail 20 mm,as i say,when i found some time for cnc i will complet my machine.

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    As i say,when i want to change bridge on my machine(now is MDF) with aluminium, which thicknes will do the job.I think 15 mm, but i need yours opinion.

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    I would go with 20mm ali for the sides and also for the "bridge".

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    Lee,15 mm is not enough riggid?

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    It would probably be ok to use 15mm but if you go to 20mm i think you can be sure it will be better, i would use 20mm thats all.

    Dont forget 10mm is almost "sheet" and 15mm is not far from 10mm, play it safe mate...go for 30mm

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    like lee said, 15mm will 'do' but if you can go to 20mm then i would, I did with my machine and that is really solid.

    Does depend on what you will be making on the machine though as to how solid you actually need it.....

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