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    hiya every one,

    I am new to cnc but have been using a milling machine for a little while.
    I build RC models and love details.

    I am 36 and live in Waddington. I serve in the armed forces.

    I have a little shed in the garden for my hobby. I own a axminster x2 milling machine which is the same as sieg x2 and a variety of others in different colours.

    I find that people who machine parts for the hobby to sell do charge a large amount so it's something I want to do but at reasonable prices.

    however I want to use CNC machining for personal use to build by models. I am currently building a RC excavaor in 1:14 scale fully hydraulic. I am not short of ideas and designs and more than capable of designing the parts just the manufacturing of these parts is lengthy and not terribly accurate.

    I hope, in the future to set up a little company with the aim to build full models and parts at reasonable prices. I believe in quality and quantity and not the get rich quick road.

    any how hope that you guys and gals can help me learn CNC

    many thanks

    rebekah anderson

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    Hiya rebekah, Welcome to the forum, i hope you enjoy being a member, there are years of experience here, and im sure you will quickly get to know folks they have helped me no end and ive had a good laugh in the meantime. If you think my limited knowlege can help you in the future please dont be affraid to ask, so happy reading whats here already and i hope to see you adding to it real soon.

    Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other - Abe Lincoln


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