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    Hi folks.

    I registered here in the hope that I could hire
    someone to do a job for me. I am working on a hobby
    project that requires a set of custom tools. I have
    had a bitter hard time trying to get it made through
    big companies with no luck in 3 weeks.

    The project consists of

    1: A small simple press
    2: Male and Female cutting die
    3: A Punching Device
    4: A bending device

    I am not an engineer, but I have at least put together
    some 3d models and outlines of what I am trying to
    achieve, but it would require the knowledge of an
    engineer to turn it into a usable device

    What I want is a press that you could put 1mm aluminium sheet into
    and when struck with a hammer, drives a cutting die through the sheet
    to leave a nice clean cut out. The press then returns to its default position
    and the cutout can be safely removed. See attached the press I had in mind
    and also an outline of the cutting dies I need.

    What I also wanted was the ability to swap out the dies for a tool that
    allows the cut out to recieve 2 hole punches. After which the punch tool
    can be swapped out for a bending tool that allows the cutout to recieve
    an exact bend.

    All of this for an item around 25x35mm in size.
    I hope that made sense. I am looking for someone to make it real for me and
    I have funds available now to get it started.
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    From what I can see this can all be done with one set of punches on a simple fly press, google fly press.

    If the male and female have the bend shape in your last picture, bottom right but also the outline shape of the part the flypress with first cut it, then bend it and a set of spring loaded pins will finally punch the holes.
    Ejection springs are needed to obviously eject the part ready for the next item.
    John S -

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    Right ok, thanks John. I see what your saying, if I maybe redesigned the
    cutting die so that it cuts, punches the holes and bends the shape at
    the same time. Good plan. Fly presses look awfully expensive, well outside
    my budget, I was hoping to accomplish all this by banging on a mild steel
    plate to create the force necessary for the cutting and punching etc.

    I am a chainmail armour crafter. I like to keep it simple and bang on
    things with a hammer to get a result.

    I was not sure if I could generate enough force to cut out the shape
    and do the punches at the same time, which is why I seperated them
    into individual processes.

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    So when I say primitive, I really mean it. Think of me, in a dirty garage, with
    a dirty old mallet and a dirty old anvil banging away like a caveman.

    This press needs to be stupidly simple that even a headcase like me could use it :D
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    I think a Fly press would be the way to go as well for this. I think you would get a better more even cut with a fly press. If you hit the cutting jig off centre with a large percussion adjuster you are likely to knacker it.

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    Ok cheers

    I get what your saying, if it is not positioned correctly and I thump it, expensive things
    are gonna get destroyed. Considering that I would like to make about 800 of these cutouts
    I would agree that the probability of that happening is very high.

    Cheapest second hand fly press I can get locally is about 250, no point buying them
    online because any cheap ones include freight charges and new ones cost up to 5 grand.

    All a bit expensive for my taste.

    Is there any way of getting a small arbour press like for example a Clark AB500B 1/2 Ton
    to do this job? That way I can pay 32 for that, along with the lazer cutting costs for the

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    An arbour press might do the job. Another option would be a small bottle jack fitted into a custom made steel box section frame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noel.C View Post

    Is there any way of getting a small arbour press like for example a Clark AB500B 1/2 Ton
    to do this job? That way I can pay 32 for that, along with the lazer cutting costs for the
    Wouldn't that type of press be a bit slow, especially with 800 to make? Also surely the die would be CNC milled, not laser cut.
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    Granted the bottle jack idea is certainly cheaper, but I think the
    Arbor press will be more helpfull in the long run. It might help a bit
    with riveting chainmail rings and putting belts together etc.


    What I need here, is a cutting die that also provides a bend
    and a punching action too and which fits into an Arbor Press.
    Think I'll buy the press first and as im waiting for it to arrive.
    I'll spend some time figuring out a design, then I'll come back
    here and see if someone is willing to make it for me.

    Thanks for the help, really feel im moving in a better direction now.

    Hi Jonathan. Slow is not an issue for me really. It takes me
    about 4 or 5 months putting together a full chainmail armour set.
    Time is something I have plenty off. As for the die, yes CNC milled
    sorry about that!
    Last edited by Noel.C; 26-05-2012 at 11:06 AM. Reason: Responding to Jonathan

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    The percusuion adjustment tool could be made to work if you struck a solid shaft within a hollow shaft with Die attached so not movement occured. Bit like a fly press but with out the screw.? . . .But why would you when fly press is ideal tool made for the job at 250 and would last for ever.
    Even if you DIY the materials alone due to the strength required would be getting up that way.? . . Go for the flypress is my suggestion.

    Think the cheap Arbour press would die quickly in a production enviroment but could be worth a shot at 35.!! But like say it don't take long to reach 250 and waste money when things don't work has expected and the fly press will always be worth 250. . Go for the flypress is my suggestion.

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