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    Hi mate
    here is a link to the shuttlepro I bought . In fact it`s 20 quid cheaper than what I paid. ... dZViewItem

    much cheaper to buy them direct from the states. Mach3 has a plugin dll file made for it, no need to install the software that comes with the shuttlepro. In mach3 there is a whole list of functions you can configure with whichever button.

    My project has taken a bit of a turn, instead of putting my whole machine into a freezer, I have bought a cheap tabletop freezer and mounted my Y axis inside the thing with the ballscrew motor mounted outside thru the back. I have cut a slot in the top to allow access for the Y and Z movement. I want the webcam mounted inside so I can see what going on when the freezer door is closed.
    But yeah, loads of guys use webcams to see what their machine is doing, you can sit in the office or wherever and have the machine working away in the shed/workshop.

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    Yea think i'm going to pop a webcam on mine, i'v got 3-4 old ones laying about.

    I'v got this really small one its about 1" x 20mm in overall size its ment for a laptop.

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