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    Ye I know did see that but still my OCD wouldn't let me NOT say it.!!!! . . . Plus your building what will be reasonably heavy gantry and wanting to cut wood so it will be whizzing around a bit and when you hit the brakes it won't have the gonads to stop without losing position.!!
    Add to this the fact your going to 1:2 ratio to gain speed and lessen the torque of an already torque limited motor/drive it becomes even more important.!! . . . So it needed pointing out and my conscience wouldn't let me not. . . Doh Sorry.!!

    IMO your wasting your time building strong and heavy duty fast machine if your going to run it on light weight drives missmatched to the motors.!!!! . . But I understand your stuck with them for time being.!

    Quote Originally Posted by Buba b View Post
    Sell the GF ..... hmmm ...... now your got something there ! , but when you consider that i did a 16 hour day yesterday and still had to make my own pack lunch at 11 o,clock for work as she played on Facebook .... i dont think il get enough for the drives
    Hmmmm she's need to have the nature and temprement of Mother Tereasa be a Nymphomanic sex addict with the looks of super model to get away that and not be flogged.!!! (Flogged has in gone down the road not beaten to a pulp.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buba b View Post
    and still had to make my own pack lunch at 11 o,clock for work as she played on Facebook .... i dont think il get enough for the drives
    Eh, do you live in my house by any chance

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    So ive been looking at drive options and im thinking about going with digital drivers over the analogue , im thinking digital drivers would be best suited to run my mill and router as there using both ends of the feed rate spectrum and therefore the torque of the steppers. Having seen a video of the noise reduction of the digital over the analogue drives at slow speed i think its the way to go as im too use to the smooth operation of the Gecko G540.
    I was looking at Zaps 2M880N digital drives with the 68v power supply which i was about to buy but the dam voucher code didnt work or the other option is the Kelinginc Digital stepper KL-8070D which would work out the same as Zap with the duty added. Im still trying to find some reviews of digital drives which there dosnt seam to be alot of on the net !.
    The only other thing ive got to look for would be the breakout board , which at the moment i know nothing about ?.
    Well the sale of the GF didnt go through but shes now in her near finshed kitchen so i can get on with this soon ...... until something else stops me !
    L8r all

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    Well the rush is on ! my job is going tits up at the speed of light with no new orders coming through the door so i could be joining all the drugged up job dodgers at the job center soon. My lying , cheating , spineless boss didnt pay out on the bounus so im taking my lead from our great goverment and its briliant fiscal policy.

    So ive now put in place austerity measures to make sure the router plan balances out. (where have i heard that from !!!! )
    I only need a piece of alloy for the Z axis to mount on to finish the router which just leaves the electrics , axis bearings and pulleys to finish. As a result of the austerity plan the digital drivers are out as there twice the price of the PM752,s and in comes a new round of budget tightning to drive me back into prosperity and growth. (where have i heard that from !!!! damit !)

    Test fitted the router together and found im 1mm out ! with the gantry being over to one side by 1mm , it dosnt matter but its just annoying and probably the result of me rushing.l

    I tracked down the PM752,s on Evilbay for 53 each at cnc-parts4u ( if i want to buy from the UK ).

    I had been looking for some info on making a power supply as the 108 price tag of Zaps made me choke abit and low and behold the through the mist came a thread with all the answers from the bickering twins Johnathan and Jazzcnc.
    So once ive tracked down a supplier who has the transformer in stock and free post il get building.

    Three Zap SY60STH86-3008BF steppers at 90

    That leaves just the breakout board which ive still got to check on but a cheap as chips one for 20
    Grand total of 329 or just get a cnc-parts4u kit for 364

    Im going to start making a power supply and case to fit the drives , hopefully something will come along and i can get my digital drives at some point but time will tell.
    L8r all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buba b View Post
    Three Zap SY60STH86-3008BF steppers at 90

    That leaves just the breakout board which ive still got to check on but a cheap as chips one for 20
    Three 3Nm steppers here for 82.19.

    What features do you need from the breakout board? Since you're now on a tight budget, if you're not bothered about controlling the spindle and stuff from the computer you don't need a breakout board. The PM752 (or any good cheaper drivers on eBay) are already optically isolated, so the breakout board does not add any more protection for the outputs. It just makes it slightly easier to wire up. Just thought since you're happy to make the PSU you might be happy to consider making a simple breakout board...
    Old router build log here. New router build log here. Lathe build log here.
    Electric motorbike project here.

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    Thanks for the heads up on the steppers as i didnt check the site .... dohh! , also means i could buy one 566oz for my mills Zaxis ..hehe! , dam that pushes the price up ! . Anything to get this price down will mean i can slip it past the GF with out her bitchin too much . As for the breakout board then i think its going to have to go! , im planning to wire the motors with DB9 connectors so i can switch between machines and the connectors will just have to act as the breakout board.

    Ive seen some cheaper drivers but im then having to order from China and only saving maybe 10 a drive at max ,if i end up paying import duty i could be not much better off. Also the drive product codes are differant and finding any reviews on the net has proved impossiable. Maybe this means everyone is happy with the drives as people only moan when the magic smoke escapes.

    Ive already made a PSU before so im up for blowing myself up to save cash the only trouble is Rapidonline is out of stock. I want to order from them as i can get all the other components at the same time and save on post , havent found any other supplier yet ?.

    Yeh ive done alittle bit of gunsmithing Chip .... ive been about ! ..... keep it quite ! .... the fuzz is everywhere ! .

    Hehe L8r all

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    A while ago i finished the Z axis plates and got it all fitted up for a test fit. I decided to make my Z axis plate to tight tolerances and found this to be a big mistake when it came to fitting the Z axis rail blocks. The axis would not slide at all and it all came down to the fact that the Linear rail block fixing holes were way off , by at least .50mm in all directions. Also the blocks are not drilled square so i had to find pairs that matched to get the best fit or drill the holes even bigger in the Z plate to allow for alignment , so just a heads up if your using Linear motion Ebay screws. All the major parts are now finished with only the ball-screws end to be machined which is having to wait as Ive had hand surgery and cant get dirty just yet.

    So i got on with the electrics , in a moment of complete madness i cleared my credit card only to put a further 320 on it by buying the AM882 drivers and the ZP5A board ( just because it was one lot of postage! ). I really wanted the digital drives over the analogue after seeing how much smoother they are in a you-tube vid.
    I have a love / hate relationship with electronics ( as in ) its a means to an end and the sooner i gets done the better . For me electrics usually is about problem solving and the problems Ive created putting something together with limited knowledge. You would think i would learn not to play with wires, electricity and electronics but i just wont stop !!!. So Ive plugged it in with one drive connected to test , set Mach3 up , got green lights and ...... nothing !..... damit !!. Also the EM stop dont do anything so theres some kind of issue ...LoL.. thats all i know at the moment.
    So IL be back when Ive done some more reading , i think the motor wires are wrong ( maybe !) . I just love it when the GF comes in and says "have you got it working?" and i say "No!" and she says " whats wrong then ?" ....errrr!... like if i new that i would fix it wouldn't i !!!.

    Back to more head scratching L8r

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buba b View Post
    Yeh ive done alittle bit of gunsmithing
    I've got a gun...

    Do not worry about not having enough power, your motors are already way too powerful.

    1 Nm of torque onto a 5mm pitch screw gives you 280 lbf of thrust for cutting.

    If your gantry weighs 50 lbs that 1 Nm would give you over 5 G's of acceleration for the rapids.

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    These drives and motors should be more than enough for the gantry but SW mass properties says my gantry is about 42kg / 92 lbs ( Wow!!!!.....hmmm! ) .
    Ive got Mach 3 setup and the drives are running and heres the " but " there doing my head in !.
    So on my metal mill BF25 Ive installed Zap 425oz on the X and Y Axis and a CNC4you 566oz with 2:1 pulley reduction on the Zaxis. I'm running the AM882 at Peak Current 3.6 Amps , 800 step mode which works fine apart from the X axis which " SQUEALS " like a little piggy to the point that i have to turn it off or i couldn't think. Why this drive and motor squeal and yet the Y axis on the same settings is quite as a mouse is doing my head in. Ive tried all the step settings , 4.6 amps but it makes no difference. So Ive walked away from the dam machine for abit until i can buy some ear plugs!.

    So I'm open for ideas!.

    And yep your gun is bigger than mine ! ..... alot bigger !

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