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    One of the areas that seems to be a bit thin on detail in the build and budget phase of hobby CNC routers is that of what constitutes a good selection of bits to start out with. Single flute, ball nose, engraver? what sizes, 2-8mm??

    Any thoughts from those who have been there and got the T shirt as to a good selection to start with and how much to allocate to that part of the budget? I can't think of anything worse than having everything ready to make chips and then waiting for the right bit to arrive! lol.

    Although some builders have a specific material in mind, others will be interested in machining a wide variety of materials so some general assumptions needed perhaps; 2.2kw water cooled spindle and if working alloy, wood, dorian, acrylic even PCB perhaps?

    Any suggestions please?

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    Buy 100 of each type in each size then I'll buy some off you cheap. .

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    A good idea Jazz, but then I'll never get the thing built if I spend the budget on that! :-(

    ok, let me change track on this.. Who are the ebay sellers worthy of note? was Supermario (or similar)one of them?

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    Yep i've used Super mario and been happy with him.

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