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    Found the bug in the code and started exercising the stepper on the plasma cutter Y axis.

    Kept winding it faster until it clacked out in one direction, forcing me to back off to a mere 7000 steps per second. OTOH it did manage the return stoke at 7500 steps/second.

    7000 per second is 17.5 revs per second geared 2:1 down on to 12 tooth, 1 Mod pinion.

    Sounds like 13"/second to me. 65 ft/minute.
    AND... only one pair of coils active in the stepper

  2. impressive but can it cut at that speed :D

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    Doubt the X axis will manage that kind of speed. Have to find out.

    Slight mistake in my calculations, it's geared 3:1 so only 8.66"/second 43ft/min. Resolving around 32 steps/mm

    On a 2x1 meter table you can wind up 88" from home, but at least I won't have time to make tea while it parks itself

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