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    Hey Boxster, give i2i a call he talked me through my boxford 260 mill conversion to mach and it cost me very little, he knows his stuff and talks in plain english, i was new to it all and he was my dictionary!!!..

    Plain english sounds good to me, I,ll be contacting him for sure.


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    This is who i get my bits from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by i2i View Post
    you need to interface the stepper drives and the spindle drive to the parallel port for the outputs, and the limits, estop and index on the inputs. The 125 has had a few facelifts so there's no definitive guide to converting your lathe. If you fancy a chat about your lathe i'll pm you my mobile number.
    Pm sent thanks.


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    I may be able to get a copy of the Boxford software, so I am keeping the fingers crossed at the moment. Logistically its not a runner for me to ship my lathe to the uk for conversion at the moment. And any contacts I have made in Ireland, have either not got back to me, or scared the living bejesus out of me with prices.

    And as I have no electronic experience at all, I think attacking this blindly will result in smoke and metal. If I am lucky enough to come through on the software, can I run it directly from my laptop, and what adaptor would I need.



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