Purelogic RnD(Russia) glad to introduce featured stepper motor drivers PLD545-G3 and PLD-86
Both of them have following features

  1. Auto Resonance Compensation(mid-band and low-band). Do not require adjusting.
  2. Microstep: 1:4,1:8,1:16,1:32
  3. Phase-currents morphing technology optimizes torque on high speeds, and allows to get up to 30% more power from stepper motor.
  4. Built-in EMF dumper protects device from back EMF
  5. Optoisolated inputs
  6. Advanced 4-layer PCBA and firmware provides smooth, low-noise motion.
  7. Over-current, over-voltage, short circuit, overheat, reversed polarity protection
  8. Automatic idle-current reduction(Autosleep mode)
  9. Built-in STEP generator allows you make tests of motors easily
  10. Stepper motor soft start excludes eliminates stepper motor shaft strike on start

Voltage: 18...45Vdc
Current: 1.25...5A
Interface: STEP/DIR, CW/CCW
Max. freq: 350KHz
Max. rotating speed: up to 8200 rpm (tested on PLD57H76 stepper motor, microstep 1:8)

Voltage: 18...80Vdc
Current: 2.3..8A
Interface: STEP/DIR
Max. freq: 320KHz
Max. rotating speed: 3000 rpm (for 1.8 deg. stepper motor, microstep 1:8)