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    Opp's my Bad.!! Didn't see that you had already done that.!!!

    Could it be a computer conflict.? I don't use win7 on my machines only XP. Try running has adminstrator.?
    I know the PP driver doesn't work on 64bit but Mach does and the ESS so can't see it being an issue here.?

    To me it seems computer related because like I say I know 2010 is stable on .R3.043.022 you could try belt and braces approach and try the absolute known stable Mach version that Gerry use's and designed the 2010 set on which is Rev R3.042.020.?

    After this this then I don't know.!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Professor View Post
    JAZZCNC: What OS are you running on your Mach3 computer, I am starting to wonder if it might be a Windows 7 64bit issue.
    Win XP on all machines.

    Try running in 32bit compatibilty mode.?

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    I know the ESS did have an issue with some virus checkers but the latest plugin fixed this I belive but it's worth trying turning the VC off has a test.!!

  4. What would you know.

    I have just rolled back to R3.042.020, once again only installed Mach3, 2010 ScreenSet, and the Mach3 license, and I can't get it to crash yet.

    How strange.
    "If first you don't succeed, redefine success"

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    Ok now go and try the Version R3.043.022 for Mach and plugin v10fb1 that is known to work with win7 64 and 2010.

  6. That was long-winded, but I have worked my way back from the lastest version, unto I found a version that no longer crashed.

    All I installed was Mach3, 2010 ScreenSet, and Mach3 license.

    3.043.062 - Crashes.
    3.043.022 - Crashes.
    3.043.019 - Crashes.
    3.043.016 - Crashes.
    3.043.012 - Crashes.
    3.043.011 - Crashes.
    3.043.010 - Crashes.
    3.043.006 - Does Not Crash.

    I can't find a Changelog from 3.043.006 to 3.043.010
    "If first you don't succeed, redefine success"

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    So now does it work with the ESS on the older plugin.?

    You certainly have a weird issue going on there and think some of it could be the win7 64bit.??

  8. Mach3 R3.043.006 & 2010 Screenset works fine with my xml file, I don't yet know about the ESS yet, as I have to use it in No Device mode, as I am testing on my home pc.

    But the next time I am at the workshop I will try what I have found out and report back.
    "If first you don't succeed, redefine success"

  9. I have now tried Both 64bit and 32bit versions of windows 7, and both crash in the same way.
    "If first you don't succeed, redefine success"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Professor View Post
    I have now tried Both 64bit and 32bit versions of windows 7, and both crash in the same way.
    Ok lets just step back a bit to clear the mind.!! Does the Mach and the ESS work ok with standard 1024 screen set.?

    From what you where saying before Mach still crashed with no ESS plugin or PP drivers installed.! I know 100% Mach + Ger's screen + USB SS work on win7 32bit because thats what I use on my house laptop for testing machines.
    My son has got win7 64bit laptop so I've just installed Mach + 2010 with latest dev version no PP driver and guess what.? . . . None of the probe routines will work at ALL.!! . . At first thought it could be because no motion controller/driver so installed the russian Ethernet card (Only arrived yesterday so not tested properly yet but so far it's looking good.) and still no joy.!! Zilllllch response.!. . .Very strange.!!!!!!!!!

    Got to go do some work now but when I get time will play a little more and see what I can find.!!. . . . I've known Gerry for quite a few years now and I'm sure if there's an issue with his screen set he'll be on the case but I suspect the development version has changed so broke something inside Mach.? This is the most annoying aspect of Mach they change something to fix or improve one thing and break another in the process.!! BUT you can't blame ARTSOFT after all it's the development version not the lockdown so it's a gamble outside developers like warp9 take when issueing plugin's that only work with the DEV version.
    Gerry openly warns about usng the DEV version and states which version the software is known to be stable on. . .But throw win7 64 into the mix and things could change here has well
    I will dig a little deeper and if still no joy then I'll email Gerry and see if it's a 64bit issue.? . . . . I would like to get to the bottom of this for my own sake has well so don't mind fishing.

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