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    Thanks for that, My machine has the 1.5kw spindle not the 800 or 200.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenson View Post
    Secondly, if make sure the cutter spindle is one of the 800watt items rather than the air-cooled 200watt items (mine has). This should significantly increase the machines capability

    Not necessarily.? It could and probably will make it worse due to the fact the Z Axis isnít built to handle the extra weight or cutting forces.

    I can tell you for sure the Z Axis on the 3020 I have here wouldnít be able to handle the weight of the 1.5KW WC spindle and cutting forces without showing signs of both resonance/chatter on the work plus the extra strain on the motor/drive and Z axis components.!
    I honestly think a larger spindle on this machine would shorten itís life considerably in both terms of wear on the Z Axis and the drives/motors working over time.? . . . And from the pics I see of the 3040 it doesnít look built any different and very much doubt the drives/motors are either.?

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    Actually I think mine must get more abuse as I continually try to cut stuff the spindle can hardly manage causing even more serious vibrations!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenson View Post
    Actually I think mine must get more abuse as I continually try to cut stuff the spindle can hardly manage causing even more serious vibrations!
    Ok here's why I know it's a bad idea.!!

    Have you felt the weight of these WC spindles dry they are no light weight.!! . . So if your machine vibrates now just think how the hell it will shake it's self to pieces with another 700W of power slinging another Kg or so weight about.!! Add to this the fact it's attached to a light weight Z axis connected to under powered motors run by weakling drives then I assure you it will show in one form or another.?
    Then you have the longevity and abilty factor.! . . . These spindles are designed for high speeds and long duty cycles, basicly they will run for hours and days without need to stop for cooling.! . . . This machine and it's components can't do that and if it did manage to do it then it won't do it many times before the strain shows and it's wornout.

    Then you have it's abilty, this spindle can far out perform the machine which is fine if you have the self will and control to only run the machine within it's limits.!! Most don't or won't so the machine will mostly be being over worked to keep up with the spindles abilty, again this will show sooner rather than later.

    To handle and make the best use of these WC spindles these machines need serious upgrade on the Z axis and if not using ballscrews on the other Axis then be prepared to replace the plastic lead screw nuts often.!! Closely followed by a new TB drive board due to it's capitulation under the stress.!!!!!!

    IMO. . It's too big a mismatch and money would be better spent put towards a stronger upto the task machine.!

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    To add some weight to the base have you considered filling the voids with something like Biresin G26 loaded with gravel or lead shot?

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