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    Hello everyone.

    Fascinating reading, I'm actually the owner of the company, so this is a really interesting thread and I'd like to comment on some of the items raised here.

    Regarding the delivery to a commercial address, we are primarily a business to business supplier and our carrier contract is set up to deliver to businesses in industrial estates and so on rather than domestic addresses.
    There is a higher cost for, and often problems with delivering to home addresses when nobody is home. If nobody is available when the carrier tries to deliver, they will not drop off the goods without a signature so they have to re-present the goods. This incurs an extra charge for us and therefore you, so we always ask if our clients can provide a business address for the drop off, maybe an office, factory or shop where you or a friend or a family member can sign for the goods.

    We are not saying a home delivery cannot be done. It's just more expensive potentially for both parties.

    Yes we do have a minimum order charge of 100 presently because for us, smaller orders are not profitable, but we are investigating having an online shop soon so maybe that will be better suited. It is explained in out terms and conditions see www.valuframe.co.uk to download the price list and catalogue.

    Linear motion is not our strong suit, we have so far concentrated more on the structural elements of our system. Who knows, in the future we may develop the linear side.

    We do have a warehouse in the UK with a full stock, but our office is in a separate location in Preston.

    We are not connected with Rexroth in any way.

    We are happy to deal with private individuals who can live with the above for the time being, but for now I suppose you can't please everyone!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Tenson View Post
    Hi guys,

    I tried to buy some 40x40 aluminium profile from ValuFrame but was told I need to have delivery made to a commercial premises and there is a minimum order of 100. Since it was my first order they said they would overlook the minimum order but it's a pain to get delivery to another address.

    Can anyone suggest a place where I can get aluminium profile? I need 5x 1m lengths of 40x40.

    Hi There,

    Try us please... No MOQ and order straight from he shop. https://www.part-on.co.uk/category/strut-profile/

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