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    Sorry your right i made an error I'll fix it now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigrobbo View Post
    It was a Sea shipment that is due in on the 9 July 2012.
    How much is the shipment worth in Sterling?

    With sea shipments there are one helluva add-ons,here are some typical costs...


    Whilst each one is small in itself, they quickly add up! Since they are all based on a percentage of the
    declared value of the goods (on the associated docs) & collected by the shipping agent before you
    even get your hands on the shipment. So if the shipping docs show the value on the item to be high, you're
    not gonna be able to dodge this one....out of that list above, the only one you can save on is delivery
    from the port to your door (by hopping in your car & collecting from your goods the actual port, but then there's
    the hassle, petrol costs, time costs)

    Edit: Just seen your updated 1st post, so you clearly know the high number of add on charges in play!
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    Quote Originally Posted by craigrobbo View Post
    Sorry your right i made an error I'll fix it now.
    Ok then Like John S says dont fight the fight grease up well and bite down.!!

  4. Sorry hank, i dont agree with this.
    1) if HMRC think the invoice has obviously been made to get your VAT or Duty bill down, this may cause you problems, and is infact defrauding HMRC.
    2) what you should do is find out what the terms of the sale are, was it FOB, CIF or exworks?
    3) importing costs money, you've got the part VAT and duty free till it enters this country, so expect to pay it, if you dont, its a bonus.
    5) forwarders are in it to make money, so expect to be charged.
    6) only dealing with someone who is willing to break the law, just to get a sale?

    What is the value and mass of the shipment?
    Quote Originally Posted by HankMcSpank View Post
    Top tip for anyone bringing something into the country ....only buy from someone who's prepared to go the extra mile to get the sale and send erhm creative shipping documentation with the shipment!

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    Hey guys,

    I do have the issue of finding a forwarder still, the charges are some what bu the bi now - There isn't much i can do about it only a small portion of the total cost is VAT/duties.

    Does anyone know how i would go about finding and dealing with this getting changed over to another forwarder?

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    My suggestion would be to hire a truck with licensed lifting equipment and go get it yourself. Don't forget to book a dock side collection slot and don't be late or they will charge you storage time (this could mean 10mins only and still cost you a fortune). This would still work out cheaper than letting them arrange it. I had to do this with a car a long time ago admittedly but saved me 400 which was a huge amount of money then.
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Moral of the story: always get your own shipping agent to collect goods

    Changing shipping agents might be easy however you could get stung as you are 3rd party to contract, see above.

    Best person to advise and investigate FOC would be a local shipping agent who will be happy to help.

    Try here for a local shipping agent

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    Gary, whilst everything you say is completely right ...I'm talking here of the guy in the street (not a business) who has tried to save a few bob by importing a 'one off' off his own back.

    Who hasn't ever muttered the immortal words "any discount for cash?" (& the thinly veiled implication that asking carries) ....or paid a tradesman 'cash in hand'.....that's essentially in the same category. Folks will have to use their own moral barometer as to how they approach!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary View Post
    3) importing costs money, you've got the part VAT and duty free till it enters this country, so expect to pay it, if you dont, its a bonus.
    How can it be a "bonus" ...the receipient should clearly contact the tax authorities & offer up the due money they've overlooked ;-)
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    I spoke to mannsons again, They said its possible to fill out all the forms etc myself and save some money - Does any one know how to go about such a task?

  10. I have absolutely no problem with trying to get a better deal or save some money and i can see why joe blogs on the street would do this but my point was that by insisting on getting the seller to give a lower value on the invoice can actually cause you to loose the goods to hmrc, or seriously delay the delivery.

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