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    engaging in a bit of philanthropy jazz? or are we just making sure we better than anyone else and weakness is not to be toleraited?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mocha View Post
    A combustion chamber at each end of the cylinder eh? :-)
    I think the inside chamber is to compress the air that will recharge the outside chamber. He can't use the crank case to do the 'blow' in the usual fashion.

    I notice people making multi-cylinder steam engines using a swash plate to get the reciprocation, wonder if you could combine the two ideas... If you made the lower cylinders larger than the combustion chambers you could get a good flush.

    Right now the design looks totally naff, but can't we assume it's just a short stroked, simplified drawing to explain the cycle? Even us low IQ types with large penises can see it doesn't have a lot of hope.

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    i assumed expansion chambers would do all the work and "suck" the next charge in
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    brsanko, I think the reason you are getting short attitudes is because your first post made a point of telling people how clever you are. Everyone on this forum is pretty clever and skilled, so if you want them to accept and help you, just need just show your are their equal in the quality content of your posts.

    People are going to rip your design apart, and you probably don't even want that since you came here for machining advice, not engine advice. Still, if you know better about the design just ignore it and ask for what help you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackburn mark View Post
    i assumed expansion chambers would do all the work and "suck" the next charge in
    Did you miss the 2 stroke part? There is no suck unless you do something really clever with the exhaust pipe geometry.

    To pep up a 2 stroke you put a clack valve between the carburettor and the air inlet, it stops it blowing back through the carb when the piston starts it's down stroke. (They call them "reed valves" but they are really clacks).

    A turbo charged 2 stroke is interesting. Of course you can't increase the cylinder pressure because the exhaust valve is still open when the inlet cracks, but 2 stroke power is all about flushing the exhaust from the cylinder. With fuel injection you wouldn't be blowing unburnt fuel down the exhaust if you over-cooked it.

    OTOH what do beer swilling morons like me know about designing engines?

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    Okay, I'm back and my blood pressure is back to normal and I will learn to ignore unhelpful people. Yes the yoke is like the one in the Bourke engine, oddly enough I thought of it myself before I ever knew about the Bourke engine, but a few years ago I discovered the website for the bourke engine and it laid to rest my fears that the yoke might not work. I think my design solves some of the issues with the Bourke like vibration, and size.
    I have a garage that is about 18' x 24' (I'm looking out the window guessing). It's full of junk but I'm pretty motivated to clean it out (not my junk). And if I need more my landlord has a building about 1/2 a mile away that is about 30' x 100' that I could use part of if I need to. It currently has a dirt floor and no electricity but the adjacent identical building has his cabinet shop with 3 phase power in it and it can be hooked up easily. My initial equipment budget will be $5-10k and I have been looking at mills and lathes on ebay and there are some deals to be had but I guess I don't really know what I'm looking for.
    I'm sure I will start with some exercise projects and eventually make some scale models and mock ups of my design. The fuel injection system I have invisioned for the design as well as the turbo are not really DIY projects but I would like to work some of the bugs out of the basic design and prove it's viability before I try to do anything commercially with it. And if nothing ever becomes of itcommercially it will be an exciting hobby. Thank you all for your input.

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    Tensen: It was not my intention to brag about how clever I am, and I don't mind constructive criticizm(sp?). I just don't need people going on about how difficult it's going to be, it's not constructive. Plus I'm sensitive and have a short fuse myself. I also am looking for advice on engine design, I'm not an expert in that feild either but I think I may have some good ideas and I like it when people look at them and critique them, as long as they're not just spewing out junk like "it won't work" or my very favorite "If it would work, then someone would have already done it, or they have and it didn't work." If you know what I mean. I understand most of the people on here are at least as smart as I am, if I didn't I wouldn't be asking them for help. I just wanted to let them know that I have the capability to learn this stuff. Any way back on topic, shrink session over lets talk about machine work.

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    Actually it does have two combustion chambers on each cylinder that is pretty much the main unique feature. Why would the fuel be injected durring induction? I was thinking TDC. The direct injection would allow a computer controled so that fuel could be injected only when it was needed to maintain speed or to accelerate. Also don't forget it runs on diesel. I have the spots drawn in for the injectors (all 8 of them) but I don't have the injectors or lines drawn. As far as bore and stroke I just drew it square for the sake of a simple drawing I still need to do some research to optimise that but I imagine that a longer stroke would be better. I guess you'd be right whomever said that a turbo wouldn't work because the ports are both open at the same time so I guess it would just have to be a supercharger. That will actually simplify the design for me considerably.

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    I didn't draw it this way but I was thinking the intake valves should be bigger than the exhast valves so when the exhast valve closes the supercharger can push in some pressure. I am as we discuss this planning to completely revamp my drawing (no small task in it'self.) to include some of the changes discussed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackburn mark View Post
    your crank looks to have no meaningful counterbalance
    your inner cylinder ports wont pull as much volume as your outer ports because of the con-rod obstruction (not sure if that would be a massive issue)
    I guess I assumed an opposed engine didn't really need counterbalance. If it does I have no idea how to design it. As far as the obstructed ports, I also don't really know if that would be an issue. I suppose I could flare the port and manifold on the inside chambers if I need to. I haven't put a lot of work into the crank design as of yet. I've only really been working intensively on the drawings a few months now so there are no details set in stone by any means. This is really just a concept drawing at the moment. I'm not saying I'm ready to get started building it. I'm just your average ADHD kid who needs to have 12 things going on to not get bored.

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