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    I was wondering if anyone had a filigree picture, or dxf?

    Filigree is what is engraved on gun parts, but im struggling to find filigree paterns to cover parts. I cant add filigree to other filigree because it doesnt look right.

    So any help from you guys or experience would help :)

    Cheers simon

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    Good luck! I've been collecting guns for more years than I care to remember. The filigree is usually sculptured to fit a specific shape, but I suspect they followed simple rules to create it because you instantly know when it is wrong. Well, instantly if you have wasted your life messing about with old guns

    I have possibly the oldest surviving gun lock, dated mid to late 15th century by that nice Mr Pegler at the Royal Armouries. It's a snapping matchlock with both side button and trigger release. Amazingly after 500 years at the bottom of the Thames it still works and the engraving on the serpentine survives, it's a dragon.

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    Thats awsome i bet guns today wouldnt survive, and yeh i thought it would be specific.

    All i need is like an a4 sheet of just swirly line asuch lol.


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