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    For Sale
    My Home built CNC Plasma / Router Cutter - everything you need to cut wood or metal!

    Here is a video of it cutting 1.5mm Stainless Steel


    This CNC Plasma Cutter can be converted from a Plasma cutter into a CNC Wood Router in approx. an hour and vice versa.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is a picture showing the Wood Router option fitted.

    I built this machine a couple of years ago for my business.
    Unfortunately I have had to close the business down so the machine is now surplus to my requirements.
    It comes complete with the following :-

    3 Axis CNC Table
    3 Phase Hypertherm Powermax 1000 Plasma Cutter with Machine Torch.
    (This will cut upto 12.7mm thick material)

    Campbell THC300 Torch Height Controller.
    (This constantly adjusts the torch height to ensure the best cut possible)

    Kress 240v Wood Router (This is brand new, only been used for less than an hour!)

    Wood Router Table Cutting Limits 900mm x 600mm x 140mm Approx.
    Plasma Table Cutting Limits 985mm x 600mm Approx.
    Plasma table has a homebuilt Water Table to keep the plasma dust down.

    Computer Base unit with Mach3 CNC Controller Software installed, this is a basic computer but is perfectly adequate for running the Mach3 Software.

    I will also supply the following software that I purchased :-

    Sheetcam CNC Programming Software (Generates the Gcode for Plasma Cutting)
    Vcarve 5.5 (Wood Router Software, costs to buy)
    Cut3D (Wood Router software to machine 3D objects)
    Photocarve (Wood Router software to Vcarve photographs)

    Machine will need to be collected by the buyer at there expense.
    You will need a Transit / Luton van to collect the machine.
    Machine can be viewed working and I will give the buyer a couple of hours tuition to get them up to speed before they take delivery.

    Price 3500 ono
    I will be willing to sell the machine without the Hypertherm Plasma if you do not have 3 phase electrics.
    Price minus hypertherm Plasma Cutter 2300 ono


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    Iam interested in your machine but i need you to test its 3D machining capabilities, i am starting a business which will specialise in machining 3D OBJECTS mainly in wood for example flowers, engraving, and cutting different materials.
    Can you go to vectorart3d and download a freemodel to machine, enlarge it to approximately 60cm x60 cm, they also have free machining software, you can also download it as it will simplify your work.
    Machine a flower model, take a video while in process then the final product, email me the video at habibuzziwa2000@yahoo.com
    If it can do an impresive job i will buy it from you.
    You can email me your number so that we can discuss it further.

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    Is this Still available I am not interested in plasma just wood can you give me table dimensions and also what is your best best price please

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    can you give me table dimensions
    Wood Router Table Cutting Limits 900mm x 600mm x 140mm Approx.
    i am away on Holiday at the moment, will catch up when I return :)


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    Hi mate Am waiting for yr reply if u can manage to machine the 3D flower sample on vectorart3d because I need the machine urgently and willing to pay cash straight away and pick it if it can manage to machine that detailed flower sample
    Let me no if u will manage to machine the flower sample straight away when you come from your holiday
    When do you think u will be back from the holiday?
    Enjoy yr holiday

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    Let me know which model you want cutting.
    Only problem I can see is if its 600mm Square you are looking at hours and hours of machining.....
    let me know which model and I will get a predicted time from the Vectric Software when I get back.


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    Go to Vector Art 3D, Inc. - Dimensional Clip Art for CNC Routing and Engraving
    Then to free 3d models, go to image number 38310 style A regular.
    Download it then expand it to at least 40mm x 60 mm. And machine it.
    You can also download free machinist software for free from the same website and u can use it to machine this model
    Let me know how u would hv gone


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    Download it then expand it to at least 40mm x 60 mm. And machine it.
    Thats more like it, a 60cm one would take a looong time!
    I return on Saturday.
    I will keep you updated


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    Okay I will hear from you on Saturday
    About the model to machine I said 40mm x 60mm not centimetres as u hv mentioned in yr reply

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    did u manage to machine the model we spoke about last week?
    Can you keep me updated

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