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  1. Adil / andy / dean got to say cheers to you fellas! started drawing up a gantry based on this L layout and intuition is saying this is soooo much better.

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    You're welcome buddy, I'm also at a stage where I'm very pleased with my design, finally stopped stressing over it and started to get it built.

  3. One more question if I may - what profile brand are you planning on using?

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    I'll be buying from KJN KJN - Suppliers or Aluminium Profile and Accessories since they do a 45x90 profile unlike Value Frame whose closest is 40x80 profile. I went with bigger is better, also from reviews I've seen on here about their good service and accurate cuts, I'm sold.

    Don't for get to order all the extra connecting elements like T nuts and screws when you place the order with your chosen supplier. Also if you go with profile rails rather than supported rails you need to check the maximum socket head screw that will fit in the rail pocket, as you will have to get appropriate T nuts. For the profile rails I have, I found an M6 thread will fit but its head is fractionally too big, so had to use M5. For connecting ali extrusion profile with other I'll be using M6 Screws and nuts.

    Hope it helps, Adil

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    A couple of quick queries please Adil...

    Does the fit of the T-Nuts in the Slots allow for a wee bit of sideways adjustment, or can you achieve this by using the M5 socket-screws in your rails?

    I'm wondering whether it's best to go for high-tensile screws/bolts or whether A2 stainless is good enough....

    Also where peeps have found a good place to source socket-head-screws? Did you just get them off eBay?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by WandrinAndy View Post
    Also where peeps have found a good place to source socket-head-screws? Did you just get them off eBay?
    Screw fix is always a good place to start?

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    I use the local fasteners shop (Charnwood Fasteners). Perhaps search for places that sell fasteners nearby as they should be much cheaper than eBay or Screw-fix.
    Old router build log here. New router build log here. Lathe build log here.
    Electric motorbike project here.

  8. Adil, how's the build going??

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    Hi Joe, thanks bumping for my build thread. I've been quite busy with other things and haven't really had time to work on it. I can see my life getting less hectic in a few weeks and that's when you'll see a big jump in progress. I'm getting all the ali plate for the whole z axis, gantry ends and all motor mounts machined. I've seen some teasing pictures, but I'll post when I get them in my hands, and I can't wait.

    I got some new tools to play with off ebay to help when I start building. There's a band saw, metal chop saw, stick welder and drill press. I got an eye open on a bargain metal lathe and engineers straight edge. Suppose you can say I'm getting my home workshop ready not just to build the router, but for all the projects to follow.

    Some of the recent threads about dual motor X axis vs single motor and long belts, then another about 10mm pitch screws have got me thinking again. Suppose these are thing which can be upgraded easily if I'm not happy. So might just use 1 motor with long belts on my 1605 screws, as that's what I have prepared for, then go from there.

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  10. Glad things are still ticking along in the background, I too now have a stick welder to play with and seem to be making reasonable progress?!

    I saw the 10mm pitch threads too but now I have the 1605 I'm sticking to my guns. The results dean gets from 1605 are plenty good enough for me and if I can get to anywhere close I'll be a happy man!

    Look forward to seeing those ali bits and pieces when there done.... Cheers joe

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