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    I have a Busellato Supermaster H150 and require the winner90 or and the PTP1000 Software for it,can you let me know where you got yours and where i can get this Software from?thanks in advance

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    Hello and Greetings from the United States.

    I'm not really into the CNC world; however, I am into the IT industry and I am having problems with the software associated with the Busellato Optima.

    About my problem:

    We recently decided to build backup computers for the control station of this CNC machine. (The system that needed a backup is an ancient Windows 95 dinosaur) So, we built two new machines with Windows 98 SE. We installed the following programs: Driver PTP and Winner90. The installation of the software does not run into any problems. However, whenever we try to load the Driver PTP program we receive the following error: "Unexpected QuickWin Error". Most of the other programs associated with Winner90 run into the same error or a slight derivative of that error.

    We've tried to contact Busellato about this problem but haven't had much luck with their IT department in correcting this issue. Anyway, if anyone could assist with this issue we would be greatly appreciative.


    Sooner Millwork.

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    Hi to all

    We have a Busellato OPTIMA 3-axis woodworking CNC from 1996 and some winner90 version 3.xx and PTP1000 Software for it. Computer was broken, we change it and we don't have any installation floppies.
    Can anyone send me images of your original floppies? I think any version 3.xx or 4.xx can work on this machine. Also you can correct me if I'm wrong because I don't have any experience with Winner90.

    thanks in advance for any kind of help


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    Hi John, I have a problem uploading a dxf file in to winner 90, error is " too many lines on ISO text" any ideas?

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