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    jon, how much does that base weigh in at? any idea?

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    I would guess maybe 50-60kg

  3. Really nice looking machine and very well done. Just remember to make sure you can access all your lubrication points. While you don't have to put grease in often, trust me it is no fun when the points are hard to reach. Really nice job, very well done.


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    Nice 1 Jon looks great well done. :)


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    Hey Jon, nice job!!! Loving that Z also!! Wana knock me one up!!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by D-man View Post
    Hey Jon, nice job!!! Loving that Z also!! Wana knock me one up!!?
    Agreed ! Love this Z ! Wonder if I could use same principal to make the table for a milling machine ? Looks rigid enough... :-)

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    Thanks guys, here is a little update of the bed.

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    That's very tidy that, nice job! Filling with interest.

    The z.... Would you be interested in knocking me one up? This could help towards the build of your machine. I can do everything else but it's always the Z that seems to catch me out when building a machine lol

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    Ill be happy to help you out when Ive finished my machine. The problem is i don't have a great deal of spare time at the moment so any i do have, id like to get my machine finished first. Hopefully, that won't be too long. Id be happy to send you the drawings if you need them now.

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    Yeah that would be awesome thanks! my email is really appreciate that thanks!

    could you tell me what size extrusion that is?

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