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    i'm glad someone has bumped this, how are you getting on with this fella?

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    Jon, that machine looks fantastic. In the photo it does not look like the bed framework is connected to the new centre legs, if not would the bed be more stiff if it was bolted to those legs?

    Once again, congratulations on what looks like a super build. G.

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    Excellent build! An inspiration for my MkII after I finish Wobbly. Keep it up!
    I've upped my standards. Now, up yours!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danielroyal25 View Post
    Hi Jon, new to this site and come across your project. It looks great! Was just after some advice really, been looking at buying an off the shelf solution but after coming across yours I am interested in possibly making one myself.
    would you be able to give me a rough time scale and cost of the project (excluding base) and how you went about designing it.
    i would be confident in the mechanical side but the electronics and calculations seem a bit daunting.
    if you don't want to discuss costs etc over the forum my email is
    Would really appreciate your advice.
    Thanks, Dan

    Sorry for not posting or replying. I've been dealing with a terminally ill family member so haven't had time for much of anything the last couple months. I actually got the machine finished around the end of November but have yet to cut anything significant on it other than a few signs for work. I started leveling the bed and realized I could really do with a fly cutter as opposed to a quarter inch router bit, and left it at that. I'm totally happy with the speeds and everything though. Hopefully soon i'll have a bit of time to play with it! Think the first thing i'll make will be a touch probe and maybe a belt drive mech for the z axis.

    The machine took about 6 months from design to finish and I would estimate a cost of around 1500-2000(cant remember exactly) - all in. It took that long because I was buying bits every month. If you had all the parts ready I'm sure it could be done a lot quicker. I used Rhinoceros(and Rhinocam) to design it. If you're planning a build, the best advice I would give you is to read, read and read some more. Post your designs, get a second opinion and be prepared for constructive criticism and design changes. Also, make sure you're 100% happy with the design BEFORE buying any parts - will save you money in the long run. Good luck.

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    thanks for coming back to post given your recent problems dude.

    i took a lot of inspiration for my build of the back of this thread and i thank you for that and again thanks for coming back to update.

    what is the spindle you are using and any reason why you choose that over a water cooled one?

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    The spindle was simply a router i had lying around. In all honesty its no good for this, it's only 1kw, but will do until I can afford a water cooled one.

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    Hi Jon, would you be able to send me some size data on your build. Im new to CNC and I do like the way you have done your cnc.
    If you could email me jamie.qld AT
    Can you also post an update on your build, how is it going, what would you change if you did it again.

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    Anyone from this "theme" still active? ... I'd like to see any sketches or plans ... if it's possible

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    Folc's Avatar
    Lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Last Activity: 10-02-2018 Has been a member for 3-4 years. Has a total post count of 3.
    realy no one have any information about this machine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Folc View Post
    realy no one have any information about this machine?
    Hi Folc, no i dont think you will find any plans for building this exact machine, however you may find this machine A Sturdy Steel Framed Machine Design to your liking and this dose come with the information your looking for.


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