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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post

    Just to be clear you have to use the version specified on the LinuxCNC site, else it almost certainly wont work.
    don't fooking work anyway unless you are a geek or have hairs for a beard.
    John S -

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    Well tonight I got the machine jogging smoothly.
    Possible fixing agent was make port LPT2 on PCI board to operate as EPP.
    Now I have to repair all the damage done by re-install, set up my tool height macro and get back to where I should have been before the old computer started hanging and get on with what I wanted to do a week ago.

    Thanks for all who have helped me.


    And a packet of HobNobs for the bloke that said the magic words that fixed it 'ECP won't work'.

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    I have just (this weekend) got my machine up and running with a revamped control box and cables cut and re-plugged to correct lengths. Set up the coolant control to switch on a little air pump (35litres/min), just right to clear cutting debris.

    So I started to cut a sign for a friends daughter's play house - and then the computer froze 2 mins into the job. So i rebooted the computer, turned over the wood and started again. Ths time it froze after 10 mins. So i rebooted the computer, but it was dead.

    The common factor in all these computer problems is AMD. My two Intel based machines have been rock solid reliable. So from my experience AMD processors do not deliver reliability.

    I am going to buy a new Mobo and processor and start again. I just hope that the Hard Drive with all my system, programs and work is not affected. That would really piss me off. Not that I am a tad annoyed at the moment.

    By the way , if you look up the definition of a 'tad' you will find it is 0.00000265 of an inch (+/- a foot). As a unit of torque it is expressed in dynes per square fortnight.

    Roll on the revolution !

    Cheers, I am going for a bottle of 'Spitfire'


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    Quote Originally Posted by cropwell View Post

    Cheers, I am going for a bottle of 'Spitfire'

    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    ROFL, if you like that, you'll love this.

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    Would you think this computer thing couldn't get more silly - well it has. I got a new mobo and various other bits and went back to my friends shop in Nottingham (PC Doctor) and we put the system together to find it dead, not even a beep. So we tried other processors and memory combinations but still no life. Then we looked at the board - it had a bent 'pin' on the Processor socket and it looked like it was factory bent.
    So I went back to Web Systems in Bulwell and showed them the faulty board and they insisted that they would fix it, so I waited for a long time with nowhere to sit (I have a mobility problem) and they eventually conceded and replaced the board. Now here's the interesting bit - they wanted all the accessories from the new board, so they were still in their packets and sellable (to the next dumb punter ?).

    They kept me waiting so long that PC Doctor had shut shop for the day and I have to go back tomorrow to continue the farce......

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    Let's hope this farce is over. I am fed up of hiding in wardrobes with my trousers round my ankles :)

    The machine was up and running yesterday with only a minor fault to find and fix ( X axis home sensor had a broken solder joint in the control box. It just had to be the most difficult to get to.

    Frau Townshend did not find the Spitfire ads amusing, but I did.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cropwell View Post
    I am fed up of hiding in wardrobes with my trousers round my ankles :)


    er, why is your machine in the wardrobe?

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    To stop Baron Rix finding it. You may be too young to know about the Whitehall Farces, but try googling it anyway.

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    No, not too young to remember that, and a band leader doing rather well and becoming head of the BBC! lol. We were quite disappointed to let go our lounge orchestra when the wireless took off.

    I remember Brian Rix, (didn't know about the Baron part). But of course now you mention it, farce, wardrobe and trousers around the ankles... should have guessed that one!

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