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    last time i looked at things such as google adwords they didnt generate an awful lot of income
    thats fine wilfy, if the forum wasnt paying its keep im sure we are all open to finding ways and bending to change that fact as long as we all know "what where and why"

    its very easy to be cynical when things look less than up front.
    like jazz i have no problem with the sight making money but this is an open forum where we can speak our minds and have things out with each other so when people feel aggrieved we get to thrash it out... thats a good thing :)

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    and its great that you can be so open with each other, i read a brilliant thread recently where i saw Johnathan and jazz having a good old debate with each other which to an outsider would look very hostile, but from further readings i can see that they are very respectful of each others views but have some differing opinions

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