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    Oh right ok. Nice one, I'll just buy the setup Jonathan suggested then and have a bash. Thanks mate

  2. What is said was the PS806 is a far better solution to the PS705, not just because of the size difference but also because its linear and linear power supplies are far better suited for stepper and servo applications.
    The advantage is that the PS806 can handle quick changes in current draw a lot better than the PS705.
    Looking at the spec, the PS806 is cutting it very close and ideally you would need about 8-10A of peak current, however I have run 3 X 6.2A motor from one of these with no problem at all and the voltage is still in 60V range.
    Next week i will power one up with 4 AM882 and SY60 motors and monitor the current and voltage and report back to you.
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