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    You lend a generator to someone and it comes back damaged? Brand new it was too, I think they ought to replace it.

    vent off.

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    Not really the point, but in what way is it damaged...fixable?
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    Never work with family or lend to friends.!!. . . Unfortunatly I can't escape one of them.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Payback is sweet.!! Go lend there car thrash the bollocks out of it and take back empty of fuel with tyres like Jenson buttons Mclaren. .

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    I hate lending out expensive tools. You just know they wont look after it like you would. Make them pay for the repairs and never give them anything again.

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    You're lucky they gave it back. I've had times when I don't get tools back and after months waiting, I even forget who took what. You can't go around asking people, did you take my so and so.

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    The man who lends tools is dead. He died of starvation trying to replace them.

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    yep, the tools side of it I can relate to and practice, but a genny is another category to my mind ...(maybe that's my problem with this)

    You lend someone something they want to use and they take the piss!

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