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    I have an unused minebea 50v 500w power supply which I've had lying around for some time. I've decided to build a 70v one so this one is up for sale on ebay at:

    Also have some SBR20mm rails with guides. 2 x 1200mm and 2 x 800mm with 8 slides. Have a look. Can sell cheaper than on ebay if you're interested, just pm me. Look here:

    Thanks for looking

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    So you've decided to use profile rails instead? :-)
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    Good spot.

    Yep going the whole hog, I'd rather make a good a good machine first time round then spend more for upgrades later. I also sold those miniature nsk linear slides on ebay. Was going to mention them on here but didn't get a chance, sold within an hour.

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