1. Good day all.

    At somepoint this week I am due to get my new 1605 ballscrews & ballnuts, etc.

    Can someone please advice what lubrication / grease to use, and how often to reapply.

    Thanks for your time.

    Best Regards.
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    Try this thread: Lubrication - OOooeerr-missus


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    I just put a bit of oil in every so often...it tends to flush out any debris from the ballnut. Unless you're running at a particularly high speed I doubt it makes too much difference what you use.
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    Pretty much same has Jonathan just use light Way-oil same that I use on lathe pumped thru nut grease point and do it every other week.!! . . Not too much just enough to leave a very light film on screw after nut has passed over.

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