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  1. OK, so I've decided to retire (e.g. flog) my Warco MD30/Minor round column mill and invest in a square-column CNC'd mill of a similar size - can't get anything bigger in the space I have. Budget available up to 1500 say or more if you'll take the MD30 in part-ex (I can hope!). Must be MT3 spindle as I have all the tooling for that.

    The MD30 is fine, but I don't have the time, space or facilities to actually do the CNC conversion I originally planned to do and I want to get on with some project work.

    So, WHY?

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    Hi Irving,
    Personally I would not go for an MT3 spindle on a CNC mill.
    1- MT3 requiere a serious amount of hammering to get the tools off, It is OK on a manual mill but on a CNC you are puting pressure and potentially damage to the ballscrew of the Z axis.
    2- CNC Mill with MT3 spindle are difficult to find due to (1-)
    3- A CNC mill is so much nicer with an auto tool change... Can't do that with an MT3.
    4- You will need change tool in the middle of some G-Code, you don't want to have to hammer the tool at that point, you will loose precision.

    Go for R8 or easychange .


  3. All good points... I suppose I could flog some of it. Pity tho...

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    Quote Originally Posted by irving2008 View Post
    All good points... I suppose I could flog some of it. Pity tho...
    Well, If you really like your MT3 tooling, you can always choose a mill with an easychange spindle and by an EasyChange MT3 tool holder ?
    (you loose a bit of Z travel tho...)


  5. Well, by the deafening silence it might be some time before I need to worry... lol

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