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    Those Trimble tutorials are great IMO. I would suggest that new SketchUp users :

    Download the four part getting-started-series from and watch and practice the basics.

    Download the four Combined-Videos for Toolbars from, watch them all initially, and then only watch them as and when needed.

    The tutorials here are also a good starting point -

  2. The Following User Says Thank You to WandrinAndy For This Useful Post:

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    the links for the first 4 part series are coming up in french and i cant see the download button :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilfy View Post
    the links for the first 4 part series are coming up in french and i cant see the download button :/
    Think that's probably a setting on your PC... Or have you converted to French overnight?

    Try these four direct links wilfy...

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    lol when i click your links the text on the page is still in french.. i think this is the last straw for me now.. time for a reformat.. i'll report back in a hour or 2 and hopefully them links will work as i really need to start moving forward now

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    nope strange still showing in french even after a reformat and new install of windows :S i have however just clicked what i thought was the download button and i now have the vids thank you

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    Ah... suspect you've been pulling my leg about the French...

    Hope your download's not in Greek or Tagalog. Lol

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    i can take a screenshot ya know ;)

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    made it through the first 3 videos now so thank you for that.. somethings really starting to make sense so hopefully i'll be drawing up my machine some time soon

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    joe harris
    thanks very much for the "View>component edit>hide rest of model to fully isolate the element so you can work on a part that would otherwise be hidden - can be a life saver some times! (hope i'm not teaching you to suck eggs but someone is bound to find that tip useful.)"
    It makes life so much easier

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    I have a space navigator that I use to navigate round in sketchup and it's great, I paid 20-25 for one a few years ago but they seem to have shot up in price to 80-100. Not sure if I would pay that much for one, but if anyone is finding mouse navigation in 3D a pita and also has a chunck of change burning a hole in their pocket...

    This is a demo of one being used in eaglecad

    Use a 3D mouse with Eagle CAD

    And if the price is offensive to you you could always make your own with a cnc machine/3d printer

    Futuristic 3D mouse originally Arduino powered and 3D printed

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