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    joe harris
    thanks very much for the "View>component edit>hide rest of model to fully isolate the element so you can work on a part that would otherwise be hidden - can be a life saver some times! (hope i'm not teaching you to suck eggs but someone is bound to find that tip useful.)"
    It makes life so much easier
    No problem! - using groups and components correctly is the key to sketchup. Get some shortcuts set up for those two and 'hide rest' and you will be flying!
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    Thanks again joe for another tip "shortcuts"
    If any one is interested i found some good videos for sketchup at Home - Harwood Podcast Network. I do find it a fantastic program and it's free. I've found the easiest way of transferring holes from one component to another is to draw a line at 90 degs from the centre of the first hole through the other component and then draw a circle on that components face. I tend to leave things at that because i find it difficult repairing "punched through holes" if it needs to be moved.

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