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    Has anyone got access to the cutlist / bill of materials type of software that will take a list of different sized materials and optimise them into a the smallest board / piece needed and who could run a list of pieces through it for me? I've got a list of pieces for my CNC that I'd rather not have to use graph paper with! :-)

    I've tried the various sketchup offerings without success...

    PM me if you can help.

    Many thanks

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    If they are al the same thickness then would nesting, available in quite a few cam softwares, be the answer?
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    Sadly not all the same thickness, but they could easily be split into a number of individual lists that were...

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    How many parts of each thickness are we talking about? If you used a cad package and converted the parts to symbols then it would be simple to rotate them to fit a tight pattern.

    The more I know, I know, I know the less. (John Owen)


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