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    Hi Bryan, I exchanged it to the older version and this one works, though I also changed the chinese plasma against a powertherm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricardoco View Post
    Ahhh i see, have you got a better picture of your TB 6560 as there are several variations:

    Attachment 6438

    Such as the one above that dosnt appear to have the ones you mention behind the 15pin D

    Attachment 6439

    This one clearly shows some spare inputs on the right..

    I know you have a Ebay picture listed but can you get a better picture of the terminals for me..


    Hi friend, I know it is a long time after this thread that I ask this question, I have the same problem of not knowing where to connect my proma thc 150 compact, I have a 4-axis TB6560 but in reality I am a bit lost with respect to the manual of the sensor, my plasma is a powermax 65, if you could give me a hand I would appreciate it very much

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